replicating floral arrangements from 50 years ago
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replicating floral arrangements from 50 years ago

When my grandmother asked me to plan a renewal ceremony for her and my grandfather, I was honored. She gave me free reign over what was going to happen on the big day. It was to be held on their 50th anniversary at their church, but the rest of the planning was left to me. I took her old wedding pictures and started thinking about what I could do to make that day truly special. That's when I decided to have the flower arrangements made to look just like the ones from the first wedding. It took some digging, but I found out enough about florists to make this part of the planning easy. Learn more about how to replicate flowers from past eras.


replicating floral arrangements from 50 years ago

How Giving Flowers To The Elderly Can Make A Difference

Julien Riviere

You may not be surprised to know that many elderly residents living in nursing homes do not have family, so they don't get the pleasure of regular visitors. When you think about these elderly people, you may feel sad for them and wonder how you could make a difference in their lives. One of the greatest ways you can help to erase their feelings of isolation and loneliness is by visiting them. By giving a bright bouquet of flowers to the elderly person you visit, you are able to leave behind some of your cheerfulness for reminding that person they are not alone after all.

Are There Rules About Taking Flowers To A Nursing Home?

Many people that have never visited someone in a nursing home may wonder if there are rules to follow about giving gifts to elderly residents. You should know that in most nursing and assisted living homes, your only responsibility is to let the nursing staff know what you are doing there and what you are delivering. Some patients may have allergies to the pollen that could be on live flowers. Checking in with the nursing staff is the best way to learn which residents can have live flowers and which ones cannot.

Flowers Have A Unique Way Of Brightening Even The Darkest Days

Some elderly residents in nursing homes may feel abandoned when their family does not come to visit. Being in a nursing home can feel very lonely, especially to the older person that was used to being with family a great deal of time at their home. Bear in mind, an elderly person's reaction could vary from being overjoyed to being skeptical of your motives. No matter what reaction you receive, you should know you will have great feelings from simply taking the initiative of visiting and doing a kind deed for someone else.

Do The Colors And Types Of Flowers Matter?

No matter what kind of flowers you choose to give someone in a nursing home, just making sure they are bright and cheery is important. Vividly-colored flowers like daisies or roses can make a gorgeous arrangement and provide the cheeriness you are trying to convey to your recipient.

The most important benefit of your giving flowers to someone elderly is you. If you tell the elderly person you will come to see them, make sure you do, because that person will be expecting you. Imagine being that person waiting all day for you, being excited and filled with anticipation. Your special gift of flowers could be rewarded with a wonderful friendship with someone that is old and wise.

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