replicating floral arrangements from 50 years ago
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replicating floral arrangements from 50 years ago

When my grandmother asked me to plan a renewal ceremony for her and my grandfather, I was honored. She gave me free reign over what was going to happen on the big day. It was to be held on their 50th anniversary at their church, but the rest of the planning was left to me. I took her old wedding pictures and started thinking about what I could do to make that day truly special. That's when I decided to have the flower arrangements made to look just like the ones from the first wedding. It took some digging, but I found out enough about florists to make this part of the planning easy. Learn more about how to replicate flowers from past eras.


replicating floral arrangements from 50 years ago

Five Festive Floral Accents For Your Wedding Venue Or Reception Space

Julien Riviere

If you want to give your wedding venue or reception hall a distinctive look, you can't go wrong with beautiful floral accents. In addition to the conventional floral ideas, such as bouquets and centerpieces, there are some other projects that can give your space a festive look for your special day.

Five floral ideas for your wedding include:

Unique urns.

If you want to bring attention to a door or area of your space, consider creating some unique floral urns. These are typically tall, ornate vases that are filled with tall flowers and greens. Position a pair of urns on each side of your venue entrance, near the rest-rooms, or in the center of your gift table.

Wedding garland.

A floral garland is something that you may not consider, but it is the perfect way to dress-up your aisle or doorways at your wedding. This is often sold by the foot and typically involves wiring the stems of fresh flowers to a flexible length of rope or twine. Consider draping a floral garland over and around your alter for an enchanting touch.

Kissing balls.

Kissing-balls are often associated with Christmas, but they are a fitting accent for a wedding, too. These are usually round, foam balls covered with the blossoms of your favorite flowers--fresh, silk, or dried. These are usually hung from the ceiling, fixtures, or even tree branches, with ribbons that hang from the bottom, to give your space a whimsical look.

Floral favors.

Spread the joy by providing your wedding guests with their own special floral party favors. Individual aperitif glasses, or even shot-glasses, can be personalized with a paint-pen or permanent marker and used in lieu of place cards for each guest. Place a single stem or flower in each glass, and encourage guests to take their vase home as a memento of the day.

Table settings.

If you want to add a floral touch to your tables, beyond the conventional centerpiece, try adding some special creations to your guests' settings. For example, wrap or wire a single flower around the folded napkins to create a lovely and simple napkin ring. Another idea is to use finger-bowls to create individual rose bowls that sit on each place setting.

There are many clever floral accents that can give your wedding space a distinctive flair. Visit sites like and talk with florists about these five ideas, or create your own, to make sure your special day is filled with fresh, fragrant floral displays!