replicating floral arrangements from 50 years ago
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replicating floral arrangements from 50 years ago

When my grandmother asked me to plan a renewal ceremony for her and my grandfather, I was honored. She gave me free reign over what was going to happen on the big day. It was to be held on their 50th anniversary at their church, but the rest of the planning was left to me. I took her old wedding pictures and started thinking about what I could do to make that day truly special. That's when I decided to have the flower arrangements made to look just like the ones from the first wedding. It took some digging, but I found out enough about florists to make this part of the planning easy. Learn more about how to replicate flowers from past eras.


replicating floral arrangements from 50 years ago

Three Reasons You Should Have Flower Bouquets Delivered The Day Of Your Wedding

Julien Riviere

Your wedding day is supposed to be one of the most magical days of your life. It is often very stressful to make sure that the day goes off without a hitch. To take some of the workload from you and your wedding party, you should outsource as much as possible for your wedding. If you and your bridesmaids will be carrying live flowers, it is a better idea to have flower delivery of the bouquets on the day of your wedding rather than have to buy and store them together. Here are three reasons why same-day flower delivery for bridal bouquets is a good, untapped idea. 

Flowers will be freshly picked

If you get bouquet several days before you wedding, there is the possibility that the flowers will start to wilt prior to your wedding. It is common for brides to get their bouquets a day ahead to be fully prepared, however having to deal with keeping the flowers firm and colorful can be difficult. Get delivery for the day of your evening wedding to get a fresh batch of flowers that will last for several days after your wedding. 

No storage issues

If you are getting married away from home, storage is going to be a problem with all of the props for your wedding. Having to store wedding dresses, shoes, makeup, jewelry, and more can mean that you are packed to the brim. Having to add flowers to your list of packed items can take a wrong turn. Often, things are left in the car or left in closets of hotel rooms, which can mean flowers will wilt and ruin. With flower delivery, your bouquets can be delivered into your bridal preparation room right before you walk down the aisle. 

Last-minute changes are okay

Typically, flowers are ordered several weeks before the wedding, especially as ceremony decor and as table decorations. These must be set up several months in advance to make sure they are available. For bouquets, flower delivery can be arranged for the day of, as regular flower delivery service. If you decide that you want to go with something different as far as the floral bouquets for your wedding, you can redo your order and rearrange delivery ahead of time. Most wedding costs require you to have a contract and any changes will cost you extra or not be allowed. Having the freedom to select something different for your wedding if you have an epiphany about your color or theme gives you a little stress-free freedom. 

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