replicating floral arrangements from 50 years ago
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replicating floral arrangements from 50 years ago

When my grandmother asked me to plan a renewal ceremony for her and my grandfather, I was honored. She gave me free reign over what was going to happen on the big day. It was to be held on their 50th anniversary at their church, but the rest of the planning was left to me. I took her old wedding pictures and started thinking about what I could do to make that day truly special. That's when I decided to have the flower arrangements made to look just like the ones from the first wedding. It took some digging, but I found out enough about florists to make this part of the planning easy. Learn more about how to replicate flowers from past eras.


replicating floral arrangements from 50 years ago

How To Make Your Single Friend Super Happy On Valentine's Day

Julien Riviere

As soon as the holiday lights come down and people ring in the new year, red hearts and Valentine-themed candy are everywhere in stores. February itself can seem dedicated to February 14. This is all fine for couples in love, but it can be tough for single people who are longing to find their soulmate. If you have a single friend who may struggle with Valentine's Day, take action to help ensure they have a fabulous Valentine's Day that is sure to rival any couple's celebration on that day.

Send a Rainbow Bouquet of Friendship Flowers

Who says red roses alone are the flowers of Valentine's Day? They're gorgeous, but so are many other bouquets. Send your solo buddy the most colorful bouquet possible. Think rainbow-style! Make sure there are plenty of colors represented, then write an accompanying note about the many different colors of the friendship you share with your pal. The flowers combined with the note are sure to make them smile big on Valentine's Day. Talk to your florist for more ideas. 

Set Up a Fun, Friendship-Themed Scavenger Hunt

Ask your friend to set aside the afternoon and evening for hanging out with you, then present them with the surprise that you have a scavenger hunt challenge for them. Make it themed for Valentine's Day and the strong friendship love between you and your pal.

The scavenger hunt should be centered around special memories that you and your buddy share. For example, you may send them to the grocery store for a certain food that represents a special memory, and provide a hint in case they may not immediately think of the same memory you do. From there, send them to at least three or four different locations where they should collect different pieces of the puzzle of your friendship.

At the very last location, leave a letter that ties all the pieces together along with a grand gift. You may consider a bouquet of flowers in a vase as the primary gift or perhaps choose to have a flower basket or other way of displaying a floral creation for your friend. The scavenger hunt should end with a celebration of what a great friend your buddy is, and talk to them about the importance of having a friend you love so much in your life.

Finally, keep in mind that people may struggle with Valentine's Day for a variety of reasons. Make sure to talk to your friend about their view of Valentine's Day before you continue with your plans. The more you know about how your friend sees the day, the better you can customize your plans to make it rock for your buddy.